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Super Stevia / Super Clean Taste
(Non Denatured) Stevioside 95%

What is Special about our Super Stevia

We manufacture high quality and best tasting Stevia extract which has virtually no after taste or bitterness of any kind whatsoever, this makes ours the brand that stands apart from all the competition. We implement stringent standards of quality control right from the harvesting to production and packaging.

Our products are produced in accordance to GMP quality processes.

Super Stevia: Every Stevia is not the same (Non Denatured).

We use a special stevia seedling from Japan which has a natural high content of Rebaudioside A, the most potent of Stevia's bioflavonoids.

Our process preserves and concentrates the health attributes of stevia without loosing efficacy. The following is a list of the advantages of our Super Stevia:

Advantages of our Super Stevia

  • No metallic aftertaste, No heavy metals or contaminants
  • No licorice aftertaste
  • Neither Acesulfame-K nor Aspartame used which is common in most stevia productions.
  • No artificial flavors for taste masking
  • GMO free and non-eradiated
  • Low heat production
  • Highly stable to light and heat
  • Non Glycemic
  • Ph Stable
  • Heat Stable up to 200 0 C
  • Prevents Fermentation
  • High Solubility
  • Stable to light
  • No fermentation in long term storage.
  • No mold or fungus
  • No discoloration
  • Helps prolong shelf life

Super Stevia - New Applications

  • Topical Applications
  • Softens and tightens the skin, smoothes out wrinkles and helps heal various skin blemishes